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Non-woven fabric to the multifunctional aspect of the development of

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    Monofilament air slide fabric: This year, due to the stimulation of the national textile industry restructuring and revitalization plan H1M1 the spread of influenza, spunbond production line may be increased by 200, meltblown production line may increase to 300 SMS production line at an unprecedented rate increase. To measure, but from the quality of the industry to increase in 2010, more than 500 production lines and more than 100 production lines in 2009, the vast majority of low-level redundant construction, the industry's products are single, homogenization , so the resulting price competition for low-end products. Operational risks in order to avoid vicious price competition, the existing non-woven enterprises must develop new market measures to improve the competitiveness of enterprises, the need to go diversification, differentiation and function of the route.

    In the next few years, non-woven textiles six directions: geotextile, filter materials, health care, special decorative materials, agricultural textiles landscape fabric and high-performance composite materials. Publication of the Association of the British textile industry in 2010 the prospects for the world textile industry, the health of the global textile production is about 1.5 million tons, worth a total of $ 5.4 billion, global health textile sales will reach 240 tons in 2010 , with a total value of $ 8.2 billion, its growth rate is much higher than the annual growth rate of non-woven textiles. Bulk medical textiles, such as baby diapers, sanitary napkins, incontinence patients diapers, surgeon wearing surgical gowns, surgical risk, surgical drapes, bed sheets, disease clothing, protective clothing and briefs and other products market fast growth.

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