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Industrial filter cloth business conditions for the performance of a contract

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 Industrial filter cloth business conditions for the performance of a contract means that, if one side failed to reach a predetermined conditions, the other party has the right to defense, can be in each other before have been predetermined conditions, temporarily refused to fulfill their obligations. Such a request shall obtain the consent of the shareholders and the board of directors need to from other parties. This clause is the guarantee the buyer in the seller do not do the things should be done when the buyer need not subject to any penalty. 

Industrial filter cloth enterprise obligations and conditions of the contract, should mainly include the following: 
Port to the delivery date, the act of both parties in this transaction, all the representations and warranties are true. 
Mouth both sides have to fulfill his obligation according to the terms of the purchase contract. The seller has provided the relevant statements about, for example, for buyer's review. 
Opening the case has been made all the necessary consent, authorization and approval of a third party. 
Mouth both sides have made the purchase of this item all agreed and authorized shares behavior, especially in the board of directors and the shareholders' committee resolution about acquisitions. 
Mouth after being all conditions and obligations to fulfill, both parties start mutual negative transfer of the ownership of shares and pay the price obligations; Delivery date, the seller should be transfer of all relevant documents to the buyer, at the same time, the buyer should also be in accordance with the price paid to the seller. 
As for the determination of industrial filter cloth enterprise contract delivery day when signed purchasing contract, if both sides is difficult to predict when can delivery requirement to have, that is not sure delivery date. So the general practice in the contract, in, delivery conditions have been met by written notice to the seller specifying the delivery day. But both sides must be stipulated in the contract delivery date. Exceed the time limit still not delivery, unless the parties otherwise to extend the agreement, the contract shall lose its effect, so as to avoid both sides of the legal relationship for a long time is in a state of uncertainty. 

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