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Based on product selection polyester fabric

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 Monofilament polyester filter cloth: polyester fiber lysosomal imitation silk circular cross section, smooth surface. Under standard conditions, the moisture regain of 0.4% -0.5%, the moisture regain of 0.6% -0.8% relative humidity 100 ° C Therefore, fiber properties both in dry and wet state change is not large. Resistant to mold infestation performance, easy storage. Polyester fiber short hair short fibers and long fibers of the points structure of raw materials of polyester staple fiber, polyester filament material structure and smooth than staple fiber, polyester filament yarn by twisting high tensile strength, smooth material, weave finished permeability, polyester staple fiber raw materials raw wool fabric weave dense, breathable performance. general users, such as the use of polyester products, polyester staple fiber and long fiber woven into product performance use. factory-woven polyester long fiber cloth weaving through the fight for loose wire twist, enhanced the breaking strength of the fabric. production after the fight twist cloth intensity scattered silk cloth Jingwei strength enhancement above polyester filament smooth surface, good wear resistance, high strength, fight twist higher strength, better wear resistance, so that the fabric breathable performance, leakage of the fast, easy to clean. Filtration products should not be sticky but easy to use this material to filter. Polyester filament polyester staple fiber strength and good wear resistance, leakage performance. 

    The polyester filament industrial fabrics by weaving puzzle twist filoselle enhanced the breaking strength of the fabric. Fight twist the Industrial Fabrics Jingwei generated intensity more than doubled. Polyester filament surface is smooth, wear resistance, and leakage of the fast, and easy to clean. Sticky but easy product is not recommended to use this material filter. 
    Short hair, polyester staple fiber raw materials, wool, dense fabric weave polyester staple fiber raw material structure, delicate performance is poor. With selected according to the nature of the product, the length of polyester products.

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