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Application of new varieties of high-temperature air slide fabric

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   Composite made from high-performance materials, allows water vapor to pass through freely, but condenses into water can no longer penetrate. In order to ensure that the building dry and comfortable, while avoiding the condensed water dew destroy buildings roof and walls, as well as damage to the interior items. The working principle of the Kede Bang breathable waterproof membrane can be simply described left: first to analyze the causes condensation, where the air contains the colorless water vapor, usually with wet degree measure (RH%). The higher the temperature of the air, the water contained in the gas is more, when the temperature decreases, the air can not contain the original water vapor, the air temperature is lower, and wet elevated, when the humid reaches 100%, the water vapor condenses into liquid , condensation occurs when the temperature is called volatile exposure to lower temperatures as long as the hot air in the building of roofs and walls in buildings, freezing point, condensation occurs when the junction occurs when exposed, formation of water droplets on the roof or wall surface, buildings absorb water droplets, thus undermining the walls and roof structure, or dripping, damage to the article within the building, the use of Kede Bang waterproof vapor-permeable membrane unique the water vapor permeability capacity, can play the role of the waterproof layer, but also solve the moisture problem of the insulation layer. On the one hand through the water vapor will not be gathered in the insulation layer; the other hand, the roof or wall condensation or seepage water will be effectively isolated from the outside of the insulation material, and will not enter the insulation layer, and thus The insulation layer is formed fully protected. To ensure the effectiveness of the insulation layer, to achieve the continuous role in energy conservation. 

    Air slide fabric is a high temperature resistant new varieties. It is made up of two or more than two kinds of high temperature resistant fibers mixed layer strong composite, in order to achieve higher updated physical and chemical properties of the compound high temperature filter needle felt Product Name FMS (F Gomez), FMS needle punched filter felt products, with high temperature and high strength, anti-acid corrosion, wear, bending to be characteristics, and the suitability of of 150-200 ℃ ,250-300 ℃ different temperature segment of the series of products. FMS filter fiber filter, wear resistance, fracture resistance and peel strength significantly improved, can bear the load of high filtration, filter speeds of up to 1.0m/min running resistance low compared with the high temperature synthetic fiber filter, to overcome the fiber filter elongation, deformation, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance differential vulnerability; better dimensional stability, strength, and the price is lower than other high temperature chemical fibers.

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