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Monofilament filter cloth antioxidant

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 Monofilament filter cloth raw materials are polymers. This substance is a chain structure, it is very sensitive to oxidation (aging), prone to degradation reactions and the exchange reaction, resulting in material damage. To this end, the service life of the filament geotextile naturally aroused great concern.

The monofilament filter cloth oxide including heat and temperature caused by thermal oxidation, and the sun's ultraviolet light generated oxide. Wherein the damaging effects of oxidation of the light is very strong, because ultraviolet rays having a large energy can cut the molecular chain of the polymer, or cause photooxidation. In addition, the impact of the filament geotextile material durability as well as chemical and biological erosion, wet and dry effect, freeze-thaw changes and mechanical wear, but the most important impact of ultraviolet radiation to sunshine.
    Raw Materials UV resistance worst polypropylene and polyamide, polyester, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride ranging therebetween, light in color than the depth of the differential. Due to filament geotextile aging is from the surface gradually to the internal development of the product thick thin anti-aging.

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