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To see Chemical Fiber opportunities from the dust bag market

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 Textile industry chain upstream industry, chemical fiber industry only identify the downstream market demand, and timely introduce new, it will not be in the market to falling behind in people. Growing prosperity in the pattern of three applications of apparel, home textiles and industrial textiles, industrial textiles market, a number of chemical fiber enterprises in the eyes of the "treasures". Filtration textiles as an important category of industrial textiles, rapidly enhance its market position as the social and environmental awareness. The same time, the industry matures and the expansion of the filter timber quality requirements higher and longer life. For the performance of high temperature, acid and other high-tech fibers, is a development opportunity.

The development and production of high temperature resistant filter fiber has made some progress, especially polyimide, polyphenylene sulfide and polytetrafluoroethylene fibers, but the market is dominated by foreign companies or controlled. A production of the enterprises of the dust bag, general manager, said the domestic high temperature resistant fibers rather poor quality with low price, good quality and high price ". Compared with foreign products, he is more in favor of foreign products. The same polyphenylene sulfide fiber, the price is not much difference, but the quality and stability of the foreign, why again choose the country? "
Polyphenylene sulfide fibers with a melting point at 280 ° C to 290 ° C in air 430 ° C or above before begin to decompose, far beyond the thermal stability of the material of the PA, PBT, POM, etc., has been widely used in high temperature Cogeneration dust bag, waste incineration flue gas filter, cement plant flue gas filter on the filter material. Before 2006, polyphenylene sulfide fiber market all by the two companies in Japan (Toray, Toyobo) master monopolized 80% of the global market, the remaining 20% ​​of the United States and Germany share. High supply abroad of polyphenylene sulfide fiber market and implementation of unsaturated policy, was priced at 16 yuan / ton. In 2006, China successfully achieved the localization of the polyphenylene sulfide fiber, all the way down the price of imported fiber, fiber from 16 yuan / ton down to a minimum of 90,000 yuan / ton, a decrease of 65%. Some foreign companies have pulled out of the polyphenylene sulfide fiber market.
Although the the domestic filter fibers used in the production of filter bags in technology and quality remains to be further development and improvement, but a wide variety of fiber types have been industry to expand the market space. Should also be noted that the performance of these materials also have different field of competition in the filter material. How to play an active role in the field of filtration, occupy a place, but also on the stability of performance and quality to speak. Technological advances, who win better price? The answer is not yet announced. But is gradually narrowing the gap with foreign countries, which is the field of filter bag can feel

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