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Monofilament filter cloth - tailings filter cloth where?

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 Monofilament filter cloth - the tailings filter cloth used many materials, including polypropylene, polyester, nylon 66, Hengke the tailings filter cloth imported Dornier rapier weaving refined. Paragraph filter cloth hot melt pressure light, not only the surface of the product becomes smooth and flat, breathable permeable to get better, with a tough, durable, easy to stripper, long service life, etc., to ensure the cake easy to peel and very easy regeneration of the filter characteristics, and is the ideal tailings IDM.
Monofilament filter cloth production Hengke strength, not easy to block, there will be no yarn break the case, and the surface after heat setting, high stability, not easily deformed, uniform pore size. Filter cloth surface by the hot melt calendering treatment tailings cake was easily peeled off the smooth surface, easy to clean, easy to regenerate the filter cloth.
Because of the different needs of each manufacturer's production, so as to meet the requirements of our customers, our factory is specially formulated according to different customer needs monofilament filter cloth, the production of the provisions of the appropriate specifications and size of products, many users friends for their support and love.

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