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Filter bag Dew prevention equipment

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 I. dusty gas inside the filter bag should be evenly distributed to prevent vortex that appears in the corner where the amount of gas through the formation of local hypothermia and reduce condensation problems.

Two. Reduce air leakage. Filter bag body portion gap leakage, leakage baghouse body should be controlled below 3.5%. In the dust collector system leakage of process equipment such as ball mill discharge port closed cinder valve, dust sealed under the discharge valve leakage, pipe flange connections, etc., which are often neglected maintenance and management personnel, and thus to avoid unnecessary air leakage, deterioration baghouse operating conditions.
Three. Well filter bag, pipe insulation and so on throughout the rain. Practice has proved that good insulation measures, can baghouse inlet and outlet temperature difference is small, it is an effective measure to prevent condensation.
Four. Additional stockpile shed. In cement production variety of raw materials, fuel and water content ranging from mixed materials, if placed in a fixed heap shed, to prevent rain can greatly reduce the moisture content of the material, which is an effective measure to reduce the material moisture. Cement plant in southern China this situation is more common, but the material stack shed some too small, some no, therefore, to use the bag filter bag caused some difficulties.

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