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Industry Filter Cloth market

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 The industrial filter cloth is woven from natural fibers and synthetic filter media, mainly for solid-liquid separation and industrial dust. Synthetic fibers are polypropylene, polyester, nylon, polyvinyl alcohol, of which the most commonly used polyester and polypropylene to solid-liquid separation based, broad industrial fabric also includes a variety of metal materials such as stainless steel woven wire mesh, nickel wire, brass wire.

Industrial filter cloth There are three kinds of material: polyester, polypropylene, nylon, polyvinyl alcohol, aramid, glass fiber, cotton.
The methodology has three various one for the other was using plain weave twill weave and satin weave.
Features and performance: high accuracy, load resistance, acid, alkali, temperature, wear, full of special filter performance.
Size: 5 mesh -2300 mesh.
Uses: used in solid-liquid separation, gas-solid separation; gas-solid separation applications ironworks, steel, ferroalloy plant, fire-resistant plants, foundries, power plants and other flue gas dust removal system. Waste incinerators, coal-fired boilers, fluidized bed boilers and other gas filtration. Asphalt concrete mixing, building materials, ceramic cement, lime, gypsum and other production sites. Aluminum, lead, tin, zinc, copper and other metals smelting flue gas filter, fine material recovery, liquid and solid separation. Chemicals, coke, carbon black, dyes, pharmaceuticals, plastics and other areas of liquid-solid separation and fine material recovery. Mining, food processing, flour, electronic industry, wood processing and decontamination collecting dust governance. Solid-liquid separation applications
Recent domestic coal tar generally fell across part of the decline in raw material polyester yarn and polypropylene yarn has a little fine-tuning, but also resulted in some interval downstream enterprises bearish mentality to buy or not buy up strong emotions that lead the market to increase the Jiangsu region polyester Filter Busi also approaching 17,000 yuan / ton, especially on June 14 execution price of 16,500 yuan / ton, the market uproar Shandong tar suppliers have with the fall. Shandong heard some sources only 15,400 yuan / ton, and gradually increased the low supply led to the current mainstream price 22,502,300 yuan / ton. About Zhejiang polyester fabric market trends How can we make the following simple analysis. First, the current domestic industrial fabric manufacturers profits fell significantly "limited production price," the voice has always existed, but the actual implementation of poor coking plant in Shandong Province still maintain a high level of capacity utilization at about 8 percent. But the loss of domestic coking plant growing "limited production price," the voice has always existed, but the actual implementation of the poor as a byproduct of coal tar yields have not been reduced. At a time when manufacturers of industrial fabric market in the doldrums poor take the goods there is a certain pressure on the stock. Early "Huojin" good gone on the market is difficult to appear favorable factors should be considered current status of the cloth prices followed polypropylene fabric products still maintain downtrend especially deep-processing enterprises increasingly difficult situation of the majority of the decline is hard to change deep-processing products Enterprises Cost pressure increases. It is understood that the current deep-processing enterprises in Shandong Province and the carbon black industry operating at only about 5 percent lead in coal tar market as a whole state of oversupply. Deep-processing manufacturers began to demand mining goods. Causing the business to reduce the demand for coal tar tar pick more cautious and most deep-processing enterprises have pre-hunters idea has procured a relatively high price of raw materials inventory at present with moderate pressure. Current market price of the downstream product market shows no significant signs of improvement in the short term is difficult to gain a good tar and short-term support downstream processing enterprises purchase motivation is difficult to increase market turnover situation bleak. This also led to our current volume downward trend!

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