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Affect the service life of three factors filter bag

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 The right to choose a suitable temperature corresponding dust filter bag, the bag is crucial if the temperature is too high, the choice of filter bag to go beyond the normal operating temperature, ranging shorten the life of the bag, seriously burned in a short time. Therefore, the choice must be measured when the bag calculate precipitator inlet temperature, in the selection of appropriate filter bag.

     Filter bag fabric choice depends on the nature of dust, dust, dust to consider whether it contains acid, alkali or corrosive substances suitable for use according to the nature of its dust filter, so you can make the bag to the normal absorption dust, and does not affect its service life.
   The filtration velocity is too high filter bag, filter bag damage is the main reason for recent years, some units blindly reduce equipment costs, increase profits, in the design of baghouse when the filtration velocity increased, there is no obvious short user reaction, but greatly reduces the life of the trapezoidal bag so that the customer has not only failed to save money, but bring great economic burden and a waste of time.

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