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How to prevent Mars filter bag

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 Filter bag large number of applications, some of the work accidents have also occurred frequently, especially filter bag losses caused by the combustion of the maximum, the study except for a small part because of improper selection filter bag, mostly smoke inhalation containing Mars cause. So what kind of measures can effectively prevent dust entering Mars within it? To prevent Mars enters baghouse, following several measures should be taken.

     ① Set the pre-filter and the cooling pipes. Pictured in the baghouse or inert before a cyclone dust collector as a pre-filter to trap coarse dust and Mars. In this way too difficult to capture fine particles Mars in most cases, the dust particles to burn before entering the precipitator. After the pre-filter the cooling duct, and control the flow rate of the tube, so that as low as possible. This is a relatively reliable technical measures, it will enable the gas in the tube has sufficient residence time.
      ② cooling spray tower. Pre-direct water spray gas cooling method. To ensure the filter bag inside the dusty gas fire safety, control of cooling water is supplied. Most of burning dust upon water contact with the fine can be cooled, but the drop was easy to gasification, to make contact yet with drops of water to cool the combustion dust, should have the necessary space and dwell time. In exceptional circumstances, the use of spray tower, cooling and pre-filter combined with other, more thoroughly to prevent mixing of Mars.
      ③ Mars trapping device shown in Figure. Mars is installed on the pipe trapping device is a simple and feasible method. There on Mars through the trap of the moment, can make it emit electrical signals for alarm. Meanwhile, stop operation or changing gas circuit and so on.
     Especially when dealing with wood boilers, husk boilers, furnaces and recycled aluminum smelting furnace baghouse exhaust gas, the stove has been burning dust in the wind pipe may flow into the box, leaving the accumulation of dust on the cloth fire, causing the accident, so if it is more than one such mining conditions, filter bag should pay attention to such problems.

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