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How to choose the right filter Industry Filter Cloth

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 With the rapid development of society, filter application has been quite common, but do not know if you are not already very familiar with presses of it? Although the application of the current filter press has been very extensive, but the choice of filter cloth for filter press industry do not know what kind of understanding. So then I'll come to you to talk about how to choose cloth filter press industry to play a greater benefit for the filter press. Cloth in the use of the process, the need to separate the physical and chemical properties of the material to be considered to choose what kind of cloth, so as to find the right filter cloth, filter press equipment that achieve a good separation effect. So we choose the right filter industrial filter cloth to keep in mind the following few time.

1, select the appropriate filter industrial filter cloth filter cloth must first meet with anti-corrosion ability, but also according to the chemical nature of the material to be separated, to choose the appropriate filter cloth material;
2, when the number of filter cloth filter separation of materials need to follow the particle diameter to select OK. More common choice when the number of filter cloth if slightly larger than the diameter of the particles to be trapped when the filter cloth filter the initial stages when there will be a small amount of small particles through the filter cloth. When the particles are relatively large retention time will form a filter cake layer, so it avoids wear filtration phenomena, but also more conducive to improving filtration efficiency filter;
3, when the selected recommended industrial fabric layer composite monofilament filter cloth, since layer composite monofilament filter cloth surface by calendering, reducing the possibility of clogging of the filter cloth, but also to improve the filter cloth the regeneration performance; choose a good filter cloth, filter cloth will make their own to improve better filtering effect.

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