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The manufacturing process of Industry Filter Cloth filter

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    Industrial filter cloth filter is an important accessory, it is in the process of operation of the filter press play a significant role, then it is how to make out of it? Today, we introduce to you about the manufacturing process of industrial fabric filter. Industrial filter cloth manufacturing process, we can be explained in two ways:

     1, the filter cloth weaving
Woven filter cloth for filter press industry, the original cloth is to use ordinary cloth to apply, but with the needs of modern industrial production, and the specific nature of the work points, filtering requires more sophisticated, so gradually to what it is today different varieties and cloth filter cloth specifically for solid-liquid separation. But for the basic weaving cloth, but it is still followed the fabric manufacturing method, Artex, ranked yarn, consistent lines, and in some places there is little change in the details, such as adding in an ordinary polyester yarn cloth wire to increase the stiffness and tensile degree.
     The new industrial filter cloth weave for subsequent processing, to improve the characteristics of the filter cloth filter, for example, some cloth surface of the cloth need to add a layer of special film (polyurethane or Teflon), can protect cloth; Application heat treatment, calendering, pre-shrunk weaving process, improve the stability of the filter cloth, filter cloth and filter cake can make better separation.
       2, filter industrial fabric artificial processing
With just rolls of cloth original cloth is not enough, especially for filter press, membrane filter press or plate and frame filter press, we need to re cloth manual processing. Cloth needs to be cut down, cut slightly larger than the plate side of the cloth, open a hole in the middle of this plate slightly smaller hole in the middle, with two same cloth, in the middle of the filter with the same material cloth rolled into cloth pipeline will link them together is greater than the height of the pipe plate thickness purpose of doing so is to use something like that kind of intermediate separation chamber filter press feed filter chamber structure, so as to allow pressure filter machine unfiltered fluid and filtrate passed completely isolated, effectively blocking solids. For belt filter, the filter cloth manual processing also includes the joint processing and industrial fabric filter cloth edge process.

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