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Monofilament filter clothapplications continue to expand

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 Because of China's modern monofilament polyester filter cloth, filter bag, filter, filter material with the rapid development of industry, mineral resources are depleted. The mining of ore has been facing "poor. Fine. Complex" situation. So people have to put the ore grinding better. "Fine. Mud. Press sticky material," solid-liquid separation plate and frame filter, vacuum belt filter, disk filter belt, centrifuge, bag type dust collector. Now. Besides the high demand of energy saving and environmental protection. The enterprise has put forward higher on the solid-liquid separation technology and equipment. More requirements. For beneficiation. Metallurgy. Oil. Coal chemical industry. Food. The environmental protection industry. The demand of the society. Pull the application of solid-liquid separation technology and equipment. And the application of the breadth and depth of the field continues to expand.

The filter press monofilament polyester filter cloth can thrive and be widely used in various industries. Its biggest advantage is positive pressure. High pressure dehydration. Vacuum filter compared to the traditional differential pressure is much greater. Therefore the filter cake moisture is low. Low energy consumption. The metal loss. The filtrate is clear and transparent as early as 10 years ago. The expert points out.
But regardless of the type of filter press. Its working principle is the first positive pressure forced dehydration. Also called into the slurry dehydration. A filter plate is a certain number of the strong mechanical forces are closely aligned. The filter chamber is formed between the filter plate and filter plate. The filter materials in the strong under positive pressure is fed into the filter chamber. The filter materials into the filter chamber of the solid part of filter media (such as cloth) rejection cake is formed. The liquid part through the filter medium and discharge the filter chamber. Thus to achieve the purpose of solid-liquid separation. With the increase of the barotropic pressure. The solid-liquid separation is more thorough.
But from the aspect of energy and cost considerations. The high positive pressure is not worthwhile. After the slurry dehydration. Press is equipped with rubber extrusion film. The compressed medium (such as gas. Water) into the back of the squeeze film to promote the squeeze film squeeze cake further dehydration. Called extrusion dehydration. After removal of water or slurry extrusion dehydration. One side of the compressed air into the filter chamber of the filter cake cake. Through carrying liquid water from the other side of the filter cake is discharged through the filter chamber and dehydration. Call the wind dehydration. If the filter chamber two side are coated with cloth. The cloth is the liquid part uniform through the filter chamber two side discharge filter chamber for two-sided dehydration dehydration filter chamber. After mechanical pressing force. Lift the filter plate. A single gradually opened filter plate respectively. The filter cake unloading open room for a major cycle of work completed. According to the filtering material properties are different. Press can be respectively arranged into slurry dehydration. Extrusion dehydration. The wind dehydration or single two-sided dehydration. The purpose is to maximize the reduce the filter cake moisture.

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