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What is the best material breathable layer

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 Air delivery chute (hereinafter referred to as the chute) is a widely used in dried powder material conveying pneumatic conveying equipment, often used in cement industry, cement and raw material conveying powder chute is composed of several ordinary thin steel plate into the trough and bolt together with other accessories. Trough, the lower casing is sandwiched between the gas permeable layer, the whole chute inclined at a predetermined angle to the horizontal. 

Chute main component is a breathable layer, this series of flexible design uses thick plate made of synthetic fibers, is a new breathable layer, which has a high temperature (up to 150 ℃) corrosion resistance, wear resistance, low moisture absorption, light weight, smooth surface, long life and other advantages. Breathable layer without on-site installation, each section of the tank assembled by the manufacturer, butt up to the scene, so not only reduces installation work, but also to ensure quality. 
    1, the transportation of materials: dry powdered materials. Air slide fabric throughput, chute throughput is affected by many factors, tend to vary considerably. We According to theoretical calculations, reference materials at home and abroad, a comprehensive analysis of site investigation, the slope of 6% following values ​​are recommended for use by reference.

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