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Extend the Industry Filter Cloth life should pay attention to what factors

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 Industry Filter Cloth: Extend industrial fabric life should pay attention to what factors

1, Industry Filter Cloth should not hang too loose or too tight, too loose dust easily, easy to pull tight bad.
2, the Industry Filter Cloth of aging. Mainly due to the following causes, reasons must be investigated, to take measures to eliminate and replace the dust filter bag.
① due to abnormal high temperature curing shrinkage;
② Because with acid, alkali or organic solvent vapor contact reaction; ③ react with moisture.
3, the new technology should not be mixed old bag to avoid damage to the time differential impact of dust removal equipment to work properly.
4, replaced the bag, first with compressed air blowing, and then check for holes, have holes repaired left to be replaced. If they are to live dust paste bag, wash with water, dry it left to be replaced.
5, clogging dust bag. Budai clogging, making increased resistance by increasing the differential pressure gauge readings manifested. Toi Toi blockage is caused by wear and tear, perforation, fall off and so the main reason.
Causing blockage causes dust bag, check the chart below and repair. Generally take the following measures: ① temporarily enhance cleaning to eliminate clogging bag; ② replace some or all of the bag; ③ adjust the installation and operating conditions.

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