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Our efficient monofilament Polyester cloth breakthrough in technology

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 Polyester monofilament filter cloth using the porous filter medium, the mixture trapped in the liquid and solid particles of the solid particles, and the completion of solid, liquid parting device. Followed years to carry out, our quality of life is also rapid progress. Thus demand a higher quality of goods, plate and frame filter produced by higher demand for equipment, devices have been born parting. Filter is widely used in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, light industry, food, mineral processing, coal and water treatment parts. 

It is understood that the early 20th century to create a vacuum filter drum complete series of the filtering operation. Later, various types of machines have been rendering successive filter. Intermittent operation of the filter due to complete automation of operations have been implemented to filter area is growing. In order to obtain a low residue moisture content, mechanical crushing of the filter has been carried out. 
Filter is to use porous filter media, trapped liquid and solid particle mixture of solid particles and achieve solid and liquid separation equipment, widely used in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, light industry, food, mineral processing, coal and water treatment department. With the evolution of social civilization and improve the quality of human life, filter development is also changing. 
With the development of the times, we are rapidly improving quality of life. So the product quality requirements are higher, the producer of the equipment requirements are also higher. Separation equipment have been born. In particular the application of filter has become increasingly widespread, and more advanced technology, but because of the wide variety of filter. 
At present, China's high-monofilament polyester fabric is technically a great breakthrough in high-tech manufacturing industries, the high efficiency filter applications reached 70% coverage level, the more it seems, efficient filtration machines in the domestic market on the development prospects are very impressive, but from a global perspective, China's high efficiency filter machine equipment with international standards is still a certain gap. Filter press machinery manufacturing country is still in the development stage, in the chemical, petrochemical, food, pharmaceutical, military, manufacturing and other fields are in great demand due to fewer domestic introduction of foreign technology, still mostly rely on foreign imports. 
With the increasingly serious environmental pollution and the strengthening of environmental awareness, filtering machines more widely used, not only applied to all industries and sectors, and penetrated into people's daily lives, living water quality, drinking water quality, air quality, etc. so inseparable from the filter, especially for filtration efficiency have become increasingly demanding.

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