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Air slide fabric of bulk cement tanker in the application of the principle and characteristics

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        Air slide fabric: 1. Chassis: Dongfeng truck chassis used in the modification, its the same vehicle performance with the original car, truck should be used when operating the operating instructions.

        2. Power take-box: mounted on the right side of the gearbox, for the pneumatic drive internal gear type, the main function is to remove the engine power through the transmission shaft to the air compressor.
        3. Air compressor: swing for the oil-free air compressor, its rated speed of 1000r/min, rated pressure of 196kPa, the displacement of 10m3/min. (Compressor not the same parameters, see signs)
        4. Air ducts include: air intake, gas distribution, relief, secondary air in four parts. Compressor intake duct connected to the lower chamber and the tank, pipe with check valve to prevent backflow of air into the compressor tank body. Gas pipe with a red valve trail, the intermediate chamber inlet, pressure gauge and an external air source to take over. Pressure relief piping installed in the tank top and the atmosphere inside the tank is connected by a valve control. Secondary air pipes, the tank bottom discharge pipe lower gas chamber connected by a valve control, to clear the pipeline.
        5. Tank: sealed container loading materials. Above the entry hole, walking units, for filling and maintenance personnel to enter the tank; beneath the escalator and fender and chassis, chassis for connecting the tank with the automobile frames. Tank has separated air chamber, the gas chamber by the skateboard, the direct use of a fluidized bed risers and feed connection with fixed airflow straight down to allow air to mix with the powder and the formation of body fluid state shape.
        6. Tripper: You can charge the tank and storage tower (position) pipes connected by a valve control for conveying materials.

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