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Industry Filter Cloth three steps to purify water

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     Industrial filter cloth of the three water purification process, water is a very complex elements. There was a time when I had a complete file drawers of water purification equipment manufacturers, supposedly written by scientists and full of conflicting data from the test data. Unfortunately, every water purification equipment manufacturer has its own scientists to prove its products are the best.

      When the water is suspected impure, the experts made a purification process is divided into three steps. First, open sources of water through the filter of things, such as cotton, delete all the larger particles. Then, let the water calm down, and then snatched the crystal clear water. Third, if you can not boil water, chemicals can be used. According to Talal Bala'a, I interviewed my book person, a person should follow two rules, "the three" There are three rules to determine the relative purity and purification process, there are three rules. "Always observe a distinct sense of water," Bala'a. "" Start with three simple observation. 1. Look good? Water turbidity do? Is there anything in the water do? 2. Whether it smell good? You detect the smell of chemicals do? You smell of rotting material testing you? Finally, it tastes okay? Use your tongue to taste. Is there bitterness? What you detect unpleasant things do? Next, if you suspect the water is impure, has three basic steps listed above purified water. Bala'a, "If you really doubt the purity of water, added:" You should follow a three-step process. Water through the filter cloth 2. Allow sediment in the water calm down, and then 3. Boiling water or chemicals used. If there is anything left, your body's immune system should protect you, if possible. "There are a lot to say for water purification, water filtration chemicals devices to collect rainwater.

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