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Monofilament polyester microfiber filter cloth to be optimistic about the market outlook remains

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 Currently, monofilament polyester microfiber filter cloth has become the domestic textile manufacturers to develop various high-grade textiles a hotspot textile materials, and its use can effectively improve product quality and added value. The current development of the main varieties of modern suede products, silk products, high density products and efficient cleaning cloth. In addition, since the microfiber has a tiny line density and high specific surface area, making fabric has a high coverage, soft, comfortable, with fiber fineness decreases, the fiber surface reflected scattered light proportion greater. This makes the fabric apparent hue is dull and subdued, can be made of silk, imitation peach skin, imitation suede, wool, and high-density products. Can also be used for the production of artificial leather, clean cloth, advanced air filters, dust masks, ski skiing sportswear, swimwear and other breathable waterproof fabrics. In the 21st century, the composite superfine fiber production technology and production is expected to appear larger development, will remain the fastest growing polyester microfiber.

Therefore, monofilament polyester microfiber filter cloth market is very promising!

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