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Look synthetic filter bag from the market opportunities

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 As the textile industry chain upstream industry, chemical fiber industry only identify the downstream market demand, and timely introduce new trend in the market will not drop off behind. In apparel, home textiles and industrial textiles pattern of three application areas, industrial textiles market growing prosperity, as many chemical fiber enterprises in the eyes of the "treasure." Filtration textiles as an important category of industrial textiles, and its position in the market with the social environmental awareness and increase rapidly. Meanwhile, the industry matures and expansion also led to filter timber demand higher quality and longer life. This has a high temperature, acid and other properties of high-tech fibers, is a development opportunity. 

2012 release of "textiles" second five "development plan" that the domestic industry with a large number of textile companies, but for a complete industrial chain has little influence on the enterprise, the overall technological level is not high, middle and low product market competition , high-performance products are mainly dependent on imports, or by the multinationals dominated the situation in the field of high-temperature filter bag is also very obvious. Industrial textile dust filter bag is an important part of one of the domestic enterprises in this area in recent years made great progress, but in the high temperature, acid and alkali resistance and other aspects of the overall level of the industry there is a large gap between foreign . 
In 2011, the China Association of Environmental Protection Industry "on the" Twelve Five "period environmental protection industry view," clearly the baghouse industry to further develop and expand the baghouse applications, focusing on achieving high strength and high temperature , humidity-resistant, corrosion-resistant fiber localization support domestic polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), polyimide (P84), polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), aramid fiber for industrial production and applications. Baghouse is now widely used in metallurgy, nonferrous metals, electric power, machinery, building materials, chemical industry, light industry, food processing and many other industries. According to statistical analysis, is expected to "Twelve Five", the use of a variety of filter baghouse will reach 100 million square meters. 
Of high-temperature filter media development and production of fibers, although some progress, particularly polyimide, polyphenylene sulfide and polytetrafluoroethylene fibers, but the current market is mainly controlled by the foreign enterprises. A dust bag production enterprises, general manager, said the current domestic high temperature resistant fibers rather "poor quality with low price, high quality and good price." Therefore, compared with foreign products, he is more popular in foreign products. "The same polyphenylene sulfide fiber, Price summoned up the courage, but the quality and stability abroad, why choose the country it again?" 
Polyphenylene sulfide fiber melting at 280 ℃ ~ 290 ℃, the air began to decompose above 430 ℃, thermal stability far beyond PA, PBT, POM and other materials, has been widely used in thermal power plants of high temperature dust bag, waste incineration flue gas filter, cement flue gas filtration filter material. And before 2006, polyphenylene sulfide fiber market all by Japanese companies (Toray, Toyobo) grasp, monopolized 80% of the global market, and the remaining 20 percent possession of the United States and Germany. Polyphenylene sulfide fiber of our country abroad market supply and implement high unsaturated policy, was priced at 160,000 yuan / ton. In 2006, China successfully achieved localization of polyphenylene sulfide fibers, imported fiber prices have been declining, the fiber from the beginning of 160,000 yuan / ton down to the lowest 90,000 yuan / ton, a decrease of 65%. Some small foreign companies have pulled out of polyphenylene sulfide fiber market. 
By 2012, domestic polyphenylene sulfide fibers domestic market share has accounted for 40% to 45%. However, compared with foreign and domestic fiber grade polyphenylene sulfide resin synthesis technology and product quality, there are still a big gap. It should also be seen that there is a disadvantage of polyphenylene sulfide fiber, with its production of dust bag easily oxidized, and in the sulfur-containing gases, oxygen concentration is high and the humidity of the working conditions of long-term use, prone to media failure situation. Shanghai Ling Freon New Material Technology Co. study concluded that with the "Power Bag One" dust removal technology promotion, polyphenylene sulfide filter bags in one precipitator power plant project, suffered a widespread electric field generated due to excessive ozone, Polyphenylene sulfide fibers and thus problems and shorten the service life of the bag. The solution is now possible in the filter material blended in a certain proportion of the fiber layer of chopped fiber and PTFE polytetrafluoroethylene fabric or mixed woven fabric. Shanghai Ling Freon New Material Technology Co., Ltd. will own production of PTFE chopped fiber is registered as LINFLON trademark. The product has become a spiritual Teflon filter material quality products.

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