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Industry Filter Cloth as the dust should be aware of the most critical part of the knowledge

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    The process of Industry Filter Cloth dust basic needs: To Dust power demand can be satisfied. Generally speaking, probably based on strength schungite bag size, the layout of the selected filter cloth. Schungite strength, such as the use of compressed air pulse cleaning, the bag left on the ash layer is attached blowing fall, dust filter cloth microphone power to completely rely on the real extent to adhere to, it is usually thicker cloth and demand Welcome dust surfaces with fluff. Existence of fluff bag appearance trapped particles can be added appearance of the plot, the supply of space support to prevent ash accumulated up to wear into the pores group, and then form a loose surface layer; schungite hours in the bag as a bonding layout, contribute the remaining ash layer attached insistence, adds start power.

    Schungite intensity is small, such as the selection of anti-hair, because of the process needs schungite trembling bag frequently, and thus, can only use thin cloth. But the thin cloth attached to the rest of the ash layer is small and uneven, if not choose low filtration rate, then the removal of the power will be relatively low.
     Schungite high strength, impact if the selection method of rapping, because in schungite process without damaging the rest of Industry Filter Cloth attached on the ash layer, schungite dust after a much lower power, able to use a thick cloth. Use thick cloth filter dust has many strengths, the first appearance there are more attached to gray, pattern layout and group cooperation, good ventilation, dust, high power, high filtration speed can be selected, and the long cycle schungite, schungite also compared to simple tensile strength is also large, stable layout.

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