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What kinds of situations easily lead air slide fabric damage

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 The use of air slide fabric needled felt filter maintenance costs attributable to a maximum up to 70% of the cost of maintenance. The basic situation is worn, burning, corrosion, etc., the solution can be used in several ways: 

   (1) Corrosion 
    Corrosion is mainly due to the exhaust gas containing acid, an alkaline component, as these chemicals to change the gas dew point concentration, if the start or stop the air permeable layer below the dew point, the SO2 in the exhaust gas caused by water bag fiber formation H2SO2 deformation and thus lose strength to prevent the method is the use of acid, alkali bag, the dust intake pipes, casing insulation, conditional case can give dust heating. 
    Condensation in the exhaust gas bag will result in clogging of the water when the bag surface dust layer as the initial cause of the water, the dust will cause condensation drying, compaction, resulting to a flexible bag type, if this condition pulsed jet bag, the bag will accelerate the damage. 
Using pulse cleaning dust after cleaning bag down several times, useful for protecting bag. 
   (2) burning 
   Breathable layer caused by the burning of the main reasons is the high temperature exhaust gas Suozhi 
   If the dust exhaust gas temperature exceeds the long-term treatment of the working conditions of the bag, the bag is easy to curing shrinkage, or melt produce holes, and the exhaust gas flow Mars, or dust fever, firing holes of the bag may also be in the selection When the bag is particularly important. 
    air slide fabric above reasons can cause an excessive emissions, but would also reduce the life of the filter components, should pay attention to. 

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