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Monofilament Polyester filter cloth multi-channel "flower"

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 Monofilament polyest filter cloth various production methods such as acupuncture, meltblown into nanotechnology can be used, products can be used for heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), water purification, engine cleaner, clean rooms as well as complex life Sciences rescue system, has gained a higher market share.

According to the American Association statistics show that non-woven fabric, monofilament filter cloth market is still in a recession showed better results, the air filter sales continued to grow, while the clean water and the blood and other liquid filtration market also increased significantly. Subject to various regulations on emissions requirements, limiting the impact of energy shortages, cars, roads and infrastructure increased sharply, leading to a variety of monofilament filter cloth products demand is increasing rapidly.
Changes in the consumer market and production technology to promote market demand is also changing the filter media, filter the gradual expansion of the market for new beginners provide development opportunities, but also led to a more competitive market. A variety of different production methods such as acupuncture, meltblown and nanotechnology can be used, the product heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), water purification, engine cleaner, clean room, and complex life sciences rescue systems, etc. , have received a higher market share.
Now consumers are increasingly concerned about clean air, fuel-efficient and clean drinking water, the development of filter will be more complex, more and more high profits obtained in the filtration market everywhere use of new technologies, such as micro-fiber, nm, and in a very technology to expand the market of non-woven fabric applications.

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