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Air slide fabric staple fiber layer temperature characteristics and circumstances

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 Air slide fabric of strength: the strength of polyester fiber than cotton high nearly 1 times, 3 times higher than wool, so durable polyester fabric.

Heat resistance: 70 ~ 170 ℃ in use, a synthetic heat resistance and thermal stability of the best.
Elasticity: polyester elastic close to the wool, wrinkle resistance than other fibers, fabrics do not wrinkle, Paul OK good.
Wear: wear resistance second only to nylon polyester, ranked second in the synthetic fiber.
Absorbent: Polyester regain low water absorption, good insulation properties, but due to low water absorption, large static friction, poor dyeing properties.
Air slide fabric breathable fabric woven from polyester staple fiber, so it's resistant to temperature at a constant temperature of 160 ℃ environment is no problem, some customers considered relatively low temperature resistant polyester, reach such a high temperature, the above characteristics of polyester staple fiber is the best answer, that is, breathable layer breathable polyester fabric at a constant 160 degrees Celsius environment, no problem, the majority of user ease of use.

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