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Industry Filter Cloth of the blockage and repair work after blockage

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 If the hole is too small industrial filter cloth, its surface is likely to be covered soil particles, some or all of this time that the obstruction. All filter cloth filter layer is inevitably a small amount of blocking, which is allowed. However, when the filament geotextile hole distribution and particle size distribution of soil being protected disharmony may cause serious obstruction. At this point, the industrial filter cloth surface to form a thin layer of low permeability, blocking filament geotextile most holes, this phenomenon is that the blockage. Therefore, the blockage is blocking a limit state. 

When the blockage is particularly serious when the need for industrial filter cloth then repaired. For example, in the bottom of the landfill, if required industrial filter cloth roll gap over the damaged part removed, and then the two industrial filter cloth connection; if on the slope, the width of the roll gap exceeds 10% of the volume required industrial cloth removed, and with a new roll of industrial filter cloth as a replacement. So that is not a waste of the industrial fabric, while saving a lot of users are most troublesome industrial fabric damage after handling problems, best of both worlds industrial filter cloth damage repair method after.

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