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Pulse bag filter bag with compressed air device

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 Pulse bag filter bag cleaning power source from the compressed air, compressed air equipment usually ordinary compressor oil free compressor or oil water trap, however, in order to ensure the quality of compressed air, compressed air station design should be as close to the dust device, to avoid condensation and the resulting vapor pipe, but also for large pulse dust as possible using a dedicated compressed air station, in order to ensure the stability of the compressed air pressure. If not possible to design special air station or air station is not close to dust, filter bag should be located near the compressed air tanks, so make the compressed air source pressure is stable, on the other hand, the compressed air piping can also be generated condensate compressed air tank bottom discharge valve periodically to ensure that the pulse filter cleaning air quality.

Air supply circuit design should ensure that there is pressure regulator and water separator filter. While gas flow pipe diameter should match, to prevent too much pressure loss in compressed air systems.

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