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Air slide fabric to improve transport efficiency

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 Air slide fabric to improve transport efficiency air permeable layer for cement chute, homogenizing silo aeration tank pneumatic conveying and bulk cement truck, bulk cement vessels, power plants, aluminum and other materials pneumatic conveying dust, breathable fabric instantaneous temperature can reach 200 ℃, temperature about 180 ℃, breathable fabric made ​​of high quality heat-resistant, air slide fabric of corrosion-resistant chemical synthetic, breathable fabric on a dedicated device in accordance with the specific requirements of textile made.

      Using this air slide fabric of pneumatic conveying equipment and gasification bed apparatus in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, power plants, food and transportation are widely used, and achieved good results, in lieu of traditional belt conveyors and screw conveyor, breathable fabric used as the gasification bed, so that the material is mixed with air, was vaporized state, breathable fabric has good mobility, in order to improve transport efficiency, as used in the cement raw meal silo will enable the cement raw material in the mixing homogenization.

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