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Introduce specific use of filter cloth

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 120-7 monofilament filter cloth is commonly used in industrial fabrics model, the monofilament filter cloth with polyester staple fiber nonwoven products. Product acid, alkali resistant, normal temperature <130 ℃.

120-7 for the twill weave cloth, 600g per square weight reaches above, are encrypted cloth, the product is thick, reinforced strength of fabric off the show, to avoid the plain weave debris blocking the drain hole for higher accuracy required filtering purposes.
Product specific parameters are as follows:
Breaking strength (N / 5 * 20cm): 4498/4044
Density (root / 10cm): 256.4/212
Thickness (mm): 1.42
Weight (g/m2): 627.6
Permeability (L/m2.s): 53.9
Weave: Twill
120-7 polyester monofilament filter cloth for filter selection is good or bad is important in the filter during use, the cloth plays a key role. Its performance is good or bad, right or wrong selection directly affects the filtering effect. Currently used filter cloth is the most common synthetic fiber made ​​by the textile cloth, according to their different materials can be divided into polyester, polyvinyl alcohol, polypropylene, nylon and other types. Retention effects and filters in order to achieve an ideal speed, the choice of the filter cloth, but also according to the slurry particle size, density, chemical composition and process conditions selected filter. Since the woven cloth material, the different methods, the strength, elongation, permeability, thickness, etc. are different, thus affecting the filtering effect.

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