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Industry Filter Cloth used. Replacement and maintenance

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 Industrial filter cloth badly damaged, they need to replace all. Cloth in the eyes of ordinary people changing jobs is a simple and easy to do. In actual fact, for the industrial fabric is a need for careful and conscientious work. The quality replacement industrial filter cloth, with advance preparation work, during work attitude are closely related. Of course, proper use and maintenance is also very important. They have a direct impact on the service life of the filter cloth and filter effects, and follow-up process or the operation of other devices with acid have a greater impact.

Under normal circumstances, to remove the old filter before the filter cloth above the disk clean all the components, and wash clean, the best filter disk maintenance work on all over. Remove the old cloth after washing with high pressure water filter plate, filter plate to ensure no scaling, no pore clogging filter plate lead acid pipe flow below, you can install a new filter cloth. On the one hand, the top of the filter to avoid fouling fall blocking filter holes on the filter plate, filter cloth affect the flatness of the new, or new filter cloth fall fouling, cloth pollution, reduce the filtration effect; another aspects can be avoided in the filter disk operations staff stepped falls filter plate or a new cloth on fouling, so tightly adhered to the filter plate or a new filter cloth, filter cloth or stepped fall The hard thing, abrasions cloth. Shall prohibit the free throw industrial equipment damage on the cloth filter cloth. The facts tell us: preparatory work is not in place, the use of new cloth will be greatly reduced, the service life will be greatly shortened. Sometimes, put a new cloth, a use found holes, or twelve days it appears damaged, despite repair, industrial fabric usage has changed certainly speed up the frequency of breakage, the original use twenty-three months of cloth, and finally at most barely half a month. As we all know, the cloth frequently damaged, if not timely repair, finished acid or the washing liquid containing solids content will increase. The consequences are: on the one hand, acid degradation, concentrating on the production and subsequent operation of the device with an acid other unfavorable; the other hand, filter vacuum chamber and related equipment, pipe scale intensification means frequent stops, damage increased capacity play will be affected.
Filter plate on a clean, smooth new industrial fabric facing up, rough side down tile is good. Press the filter rotates in the opposite direction, each on a cloth in front, behind and so the next lap, and then install the filter cloth with a special rubber bead will be fixed in the filter cloth flat plate, make sure the rubber bead completely embedded in the filter disc slot. Such installed filter cloth, medium through resistance, filter effects, skin will not stop throughout the cloth off, extend the service life of the filter cloth. Of course, in the process of installing and fixing the cloth, avoid hard objects, sharp pieces of cloth collision.
Industrial fabric filter effect is good or bad, the duration of use, and the use and maintenance of the case usually have a great relationship. In general, the higher wash temperature conducive washing and regeneration of the filter cloth, but not the higher the better. We know that the filter cloth, mostly non-metallic material, the high temperature will accelerate the wash cloth aging. For potassium and sodium ions higher ore cake will contain more N a2SiF6 or K2SiF6, wash temperature will lead fluorosilicate hydrolysis of colloidal silica and CaF2, causing blockage, so wash water temperature is too easy. Typically, the washing temperature should be controlled at 60 ~ 70 ℃. Filter cloth is fixed by the pressure of the rubber in the filter plate, and running for some time, will be dug out some layering slots, resulting cloth protrusions, increased with skin or discharge screw gear friction between the breakage rate increased . So, if it is found that this situation should immediately stop treatment. If the cloth is damaged, it should be promptly repaired. Otherwise, in addition to causing the system vacuum drop acid solids content increases, the system scaling intensified, the phosphogypsum time through breakage, can also cause fouling cloth around the bottom of the hole, from the top cloth. In addition, start filtering machine, be sure to check whether there is disk filter large foreign body; shut down before the filter must be cleaned with hot water filtration systems for more than 15min. Normally, To filter disk for maintenance work, especially for welding or cutting operation, be sure to cover on the cloth like wood or cardboard shelter materials, cloth to prevent damage, reduce breakage and prolong filter cloth life cycle, reduce production costs.

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