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Many industries Select reason monofilament polyester fabric

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    Now a lot of industry on the use of air slide fabric are polyester fabric, this monofilament polyester fabric in the end what is good? Now small for everyone to explain.
    In the manufacture of cloth materials used are mostly fiber, a fiber what good is it, choose to do with fiber cloth, mainly taking into account the chemical nature of the fiber is relatively stable compared to other substances.
    Polyester monofilament filter cloth filter cloth in more of the reason is because the strength of polyester cotton doubled, tripled wool, so use made ​​of polyester fiber cloth is more durable. There are heat-resistant polyester fabric is relatively strong, at seventy to one hundred temperatures can really use, in the stability is good. There resilient polyester fiber is also a better, at this point after wool. In the wear resistance of nylon are not dealing with toxic polyester high, and this relatively poor conductivity of the filter cloth, the insulation performance is good.
    So many in the industry are using this monofilament polyester fabric, there is a reason.

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