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Monofilament Polyester filter cloth surge in highway usage

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 In recent years, China's coastal highway and coastal engineering rapid growth, while monofilament polyester filter cloth used in these projects along with engineering requirements demanded strict.

And how do these projects, the following specific a place to talk about U.S. coastal engineering cloth usage. Erosion protection pathway in Harding Road is in progress, the local inhabitants. In the 1970s, a large number of gravel was retained from the coastal reclamation in Hong Kong. Afterwards the nearest drain wisdom this movement. In addition, numerous gravel truck was forced from the point perfume. This site is a renewable source of cheap filler, otherwise accumulate and overflow channels and deposits across the beach. Gravel pit closed around 1980 because accretion has stopped. At that time, no one starved beaches connection supplies and port development. These events are not a mere coincidence. Over 80 report agreed by the Engineer lead to erosion Harding Road, except omit or neglect report Komar key factor. These secret interrupt coastal erosion sediments are detailed evaluation 2009.
45 million and extending the length of the seawall repair involves filter cloth, crushed concrete, limestone layer of gravel and limestone boulders 1,500,000 $ 135,000 cost. It is in the design and extravagance. Although not a problem reserved beach sand, 2-1 sea beach access slope will increase the difficulties and wave back. If this seawall, $ 3,000 / sq m for the remaining nine between Lee Street and River Lane A Hooley Lane, then the entire $ 2.5 million project will be unforgivable waste of taxpayers' money, but also consumes a lot of cloth! .
In my opinion, a simple "rip rap" seawall and graded gravel and stone base armor layers of different sizes in the 1-3 m diameter slope is quite adequate. The current seawall dumped directly place is not conducive to a hydraulic excavator rock. In the past 80 years, coastal protection work is very good, but unfortunately, nobody is responsible for repair and maintenance of good monofilament filter cloth!

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