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Air slide fabric without innovation is dead

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    Air slide fabric without innovation is a dead end, to accelerate the transformation of development mode, relying on technological innovation to lead and support the development of the cement industry, China Building Materials Federation plans to use four to five years to organize and unite the wisdom and strength of the entire industry, the existing level, based on the completion of the second generation of dry cement innovative R & D tasks.

    New cement industry to develop its most fundamental, the most critical is the core technology R & D and innovation. Once the technical problems solved, other problems can be solved. Cement Cement Association should continue to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading extend the industrial chain and collaboration disposal, eliminating the backward, control the production capacity added, etc., while the greatest courage and determination to accelerate the second generation of dry cement technology innovation and development.
    Cement prices plunged the market is bad, prices are still ridiculously high, chasing the reason is overcapacity serious excess capacity, now do not pay attention to environmental protection, only the containment capacity, a positive innovation reasonable allocation, people common efforts in building green cement, green China, this is the right way!

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