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Industry Filter Cloth woven interpretation

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 Industrial filter cloth weaving method:

1 was positive - positive weave weaving method is square or rectangular hole, but the hole size is based on the diameter of the wire or wire-line unit length of root of the number to decide.
2 plain weave - plain weave that is, plain weave, plain weave approach is to allow each root weft cross on top of each warp, warp end on another one underneath. Cloth woven out of any deformation in the case of a mesh-like cloth.
3 satin - satin weave method is to use a warp (or weft) on certain warp (or weft) above, followed by the pressure in a warp (or weft) below the cross-weave repeat it is a knitting method of satin.
4 twill - twill weave method is to cross each weft warp on the top two, and finally put it below the two warp, weave the cloth this method geometric large deformation.

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