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How to distinguish the filter cloth is made ​​of what material

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 To distinguish the type of cloth first look monofilament polyester fabric the basics. 

A classification 
 1, the cloth can be divided according to the material properties, polyester, polypropylene, nylon, polyvinyl alcohol, cotton, cloth new efficient materials. 
 2, according to the textile divided into two kinds. 
 (1) woven fabric. Including polyester, polypropylene, nylon, polyvinyl alcohol, cotton and so on. There are several ways wove cloth weave, plain weave, twill, satin, double weave and so on. 
 (2) non-woven fabric. Including woven fabrics, geotextiles, filter felt like. Methods are spunbond, acupuncture, water weave and so on. 
3, the filter cloth of silk material is also divided into three kinds, monofilament, filament multifilament, staple fibers. (Including polyester staple fiber in the series is also divided into large and small fiber) 
Second, the performance 
  Performance polyester nylon polypropylene polyvinyl alcohol 
  Poor good strong acid not acid 
  Good resistance to strong alkali alkali alkali-resistant 
  Good good fair poor conductivity 
  Elongation at break 30% -40% 18% -45% 12% -25% more than Polyester 
  Reply very good good poor than polyester 
  Good good very good very good wear resistance 
  Heat resistance 170 ℃ 130 ℃ 90 ℃ contraction contraction contraction 100 ℃ 
  Softening point 230 ℃ -240 ℃ 180 ℃ 140 ℃ -150 ℃ 200 ℃ 
  Melting point 255 ℃ -265 ℃ 210 ℃ -215 ℃ 165 ℃ -170 ℃ 220 ℃ 
Third, the application: 
  Chemical industry: food industry, metallurgical industry, non-metallic minerals: the pharmaceutical industry, environmental engineering, the automotive industry 
Fourth, the product 
  Cloth product model, hundreds, impossible to enumerate. Including polyester, polypropylene most widely used range of applications. We used to familiarize yourself with the list. 
(A) woven fabric 
1, Dacron cloth filter 
  Polyester filament filter cloth - 60-8 (130) 60-10 (240) 60-9 (260) 60-7 (621) 611 625 
  Polyester staple fiber cloth - 120-7 (5926) 120-12 (734) 120-13 (745) 120-14 (747) 
         120-15 (758) 120-16 (3927) 858 
2, C-lun filter cloth 
Polypropylene staple fiber filter cloth: 4212 
Polypropylene long fiber cloth: 52l, 527,534,750 (AB), 750 (A), 750 (B), 
              522,108 (B), 108 (C), 850. 
3, nylon cloth 
4, PVA filter cloth 
  295-1A ,295-102 ,295-104 ,295-1 
5, cotton cloth 
  Materials, cotton yarn, 21, 10 yarn, 16 yarn, specifications, 3 × 4 4 × 4 5 × 5 5 × 6 6 × 6 7 × 7 8 × 8 9 × 9 1O × 10 1O × 11 11 × 11 12 × 12 16 × 19 kinds of specifications. 
6, new high efficiency filter cloth 
  New efficient filter cloth mainly used in air filtration and removal of dust, smooth surface, releasability, high stability 
  In a variety of monofilament (commonly known as the heddles) as raw material, is divided into polyester, nylon, polypropylene categories. 
  PE class: 341532327033 
  PA Category: 2322 2,325,232,723,045,718 
  PP categories: 3,127,312,831,355,722 5,744,451,835,096,022 12870 
(Two) non-woven fabric 
7, non-woven 
    Several points at the beginning, in effect, efficient non-woven, mainly by material polyester, polypropylene-based. Is polyester, polypropylene raw material, through acupuncture, combed, woven cloth center plus mezzanine, and then double-channel nuclear science, airlaid composite needle into cloth, filter press cloth, after a three-dimensional structure, the heat setting, singeing, the oil on the surface the most chemically treated cloth looks so smooth, pore distribution, from the surface density of the product is good, two is better surface finish and breathable. 
8, filter felt. 
    Surface by hot rolling and singeing or coating and other finishing, smooth surface. Mainly by material mainly polyester filter felt, polypropylene filter felt, glass fiber filter mat, America Tasman high temperature filter felt, F Gomez-resistant high temperature filter felt, ps filter felt, p84 high temperature filter felt. By function, there are anti-high temperature filter felt, anti-static filter felt, easy cleaning filter felt, oil proof filter felt, fire flower filter felt, coated filter felt like. 
9, geotextile 
  Widely used in construction, engineering, bridges, roads.

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