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The standard monofilament filter cloth

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 Monofilament Polyester filter cloth in accordance with standard committee work arrangements in 2007, 2007 will be completed nine national standards revision. Nine national standards are: 1) GB/T2900.26-1994 term electrical control cloth dryer. 2) GB/T7345-1994 control micromotor basic technical requirements. 3) GB/T10401-1989 permanent magnet DC torque motor general technical conditions. 4) GB/T4997-1993 low speed permanent magnet dc tachogenerator general technical conditions. 5) GB/T13139-1991 hysteresis synchronous motors General technical conditions. 6) GB/T14817-1993 permanent magnet DC servo motors, general technical conditions. 7) GB/T14819-1993 electromagnetic DC servo motors, general technical conditions. 8) GB/T14818-1993 disc wound DC servo motors, general technical conditions. 9) GB/T11281-1989 control micro-motor with gear reducer series.

Which, GB/T11281-1989 "control micro-motor with gear reducer series" did not review before the meeting, mainly because the standard revision workload is very large, to participate in the drafting of the units are being aggregated data, and improve the draft manuscript, plans to submit next year's general meeting for review.
In addition, according to the National Standards Commission plans [2006] No. 48 arrangement, next year is the 17 micro-motor repair plans to complete the standard deadline, there are five criteria need to be revised, these criteria are: 1) GB/T16439-1996 exchange General technical conditions for the servo system. 2) GB/T13537-1992 electronic household appliances, motors, general technical conditions. 3) GB/T16961-1997 electronic speed asynchronous motors for general technical conditions. 4) GB/T10405-2001 control the motor type designation. 5) GB/T11281-1989 control micro-motor with gear reducer series.

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