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Industry Filter Cloth of spandex material

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     Industrial filter cloth spandex raw materials 

    Spandex is a polyurethane elastic fiber in China's trade name. Spandex industrial production began in 1959, it is mainly the preparation of flexible fabric, usually spandex with other fibers spun into yarn, the weave for use. It can be used to produce a variety of lingerie, swimwear, tights, jeans, sportswear, with an elastic part and so on. Clothing made of spandex, wearing comfortable, deformed body parts can be used to demand, and can reduce the sense of a bundle of clothing on the body. 
Spandex physical and chemical properties of the primary 
1. Shape polyester elastic fiber bean-shaped cross section, polyether triangular cross section of elastic fibers. 
2. Tensile strength and elasticity spandex low, and its filament cracking strength of about 4 ~ 9cN/tex, but a great stretch spandex, cracking elongation of 450% to 800%, and the excellent flexibility. Thus high elongation, high elastic spandex most significant feature. 
3. Spandex moisture absorbency and dyeability poor atmospheric conditions in the usual moisture regain of about 0.8% to 1%. But the coloring function better. 
4. The density of other nature spandex good only 1 ~ 1.3g/cm3. In addition, spandex acid resistance, solvent resistance, light resistance, abrasion resistance is better.

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