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Cleaning Industry Filter Cloth steps

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    Cloth in the cleaning industry, when we will have a problem to solve, let's look at the filter cloth washing step.

First, the industrial fabric to be washed into the cabin drum, drum locking doors, and then the outer tube doors closed in place, making the trip switch is closed.
   Then turn on the power, set the time required to open the valve, when the water in place when valve is closed. Open the steam valve switch, when the water temperature reaches the desired temperature, turn off the steam valve, add detergent, usually every thousand gram stone base 20-25 grams.
When the selector switch is turned to automatically run files, the machine starts running for washing. Time point automatically stop washing is completed, turn on the water pulling the lever, the sewage discharge.
Then into the water cleaning, general cleaning 1-3 times, each time for about 10 minutes, until the drift net industrial fabric.
Final cleaning is finished, turn on the water and downtime. So when the inner door is not right is the outer tube doors, the selector switch is turned to door file, jog on the positive. After being selected for the switch to the middle neutral, turn off the power, the power indicator is off before opening extract.

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