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Filter out the undercurrent of recognition - monofilament polyester fabric filter cloth

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 Monofilament filter cloth - it may be in the use of filter you will find in M and A filter press printed the words, but the M and A, respectively, what is represented.
Here we give the free flow filter also talk about the difference between undercurrent onM and A is represented by the free flow filter undercurrent difference.
Today we come to know about the free flow filter, M is the clear stream of acronyms,from the literal meaning of the term, Ming is able to see, while the dark is invisible.
The filter is that the flow on each plate has a dedicated tap water, the filtrate is discharged, the filtrate can be discharged through this process is clearly observed.Figure:

Respectively that the flow through the filter press filter press when you can have nobearing on the M word to distinguish, if the filter is not printed on M and A in the word, then you can look at the outside of the filter press cloth there is no drainage holes, you can also work when the filter can look observe filter filtrate discharge process.
Through the above two points we can generally Qingming flow filter it.

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