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Air slide fabric permeability is uniform and stable

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    Air slide fabric permeability is uniform and stable, smooth, clear fabric, size stability, deformation, wear-resisting, high temperature resistant not hygroscopic, does not return the ash, easy installation, long service life. Breathable fabric with synthetic fabrics as raw materials, is a new type of ventilation type, according to the specific requirements on special equipment of textile.

    Applicable to the cement plant air chute, air slide fabric homogenization library aeration tank of pneumatic conveying and bulk cement truck, bulk cement carrier, power plant, aluminium plant dust materials such as pneumatic conveying. Applies to the metallurgical, chemical industry, electric power and other powder material and granular materials in the pneumatic conveying device. Will spread in the middle of the material and the air chamber air layer, below is the air chamber, the above is the material, under the action of air pressure, air flow through the product, make the material fluidization, so as to achieve the purpose of conveying.

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