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Industry Filter Cloth permeability characteristics

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    Industry Filter Cloth has three main features, one of which is the permeability of the filter cloth. Here to introduce this feature. The industrial fabric is woven from natural fibers and synthetic filter media. Broad industrial fabric also includes a variety of metal materials such as stainless steel wire woven mesh, nickel wire, brass wire. Industrial fabric is mainly used for solid-liquid separation and industrial dust.

    The permeability of Industry Filter Cloth directly affect the pressure loss during the filtration parameters high permeability, the pressure loss is small, filtration speed, determine the initial flow of fluid through the medium of the important parameters and the initial impact of the media flow velocity near the cake structure, determine particle thin slurry was filtered catches, inside the medium, of course, resulting in a backwash regeneration medium difficult to determine the fan air filter size or power stations an important parameter affecting the key to the success cake filtration .
    These are the characteristics of the Industry Filter Cloth permeability introduction, I hope you can understand. We firmly believe that our services and products will bring you unexpected expectations.

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