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Monofilament filter cloth and accessories selection

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 Polyester based monofilament filter cloth filter cloth cleaning method used baghouse filter cloth cleaning method is the right choice another important factor that must be considered , that different ways of cleaning due to cleaning baghouse energy bag deformation characteristics, the structure should use different varieties of cloth .

     A sub-room cleaning type cleaning method sub-room cleaning type bag filter cleaning method is the use of sub- chamber structure , the valve chamber by switching the formation of reverse flow , forcing bag shrink or swell while cleaning . This cleaning method is also a low- momentum -type cleaning , by means of pressure of work as a baghouse cleaning power , only on special occasions reprovision blowback airflow power . Sub-room cleaning type bag filter requires cleaning methods use soft, easily deformed and dimensionally stable thin cloth , because of the baghouse filter with inner and outer filter of the points , so a slight difference in the selection of filter cloth .
    Two vibration -type cleaning method with Blowback Blowback vibration and with style baghouse cleaning method is both vibration and reverse flow dual role baghouse cleaning , the vibration loosening the dust cake , reverse airflow so dust off . With each other in two ways , so that the cleaning effect can be improved, especially suitable for fine particles of sticky dust filtration . Such dust bag monofilament polyester fabric selection, broadly in line with sub-room cleaning type bag filter cleaning the same way .
    Three mechanical vibration mode mechanical vibration cleaning bag filter cleaning method is the use of mechanical devices ( including manual , electromagnetic vibration and pneumatic ) of the bag to vibrate , the vibration frequencies from a few to hundreds of times per second . In addition to these small baghouse mixture mixing machines, mostly using the form inside the filter bags circle . Its characteristics are applied to the kinetic energy of less dust layer which acts more frequently , requiring cloth thin and smooth , soft texture , is conducive to transfer vibration wave in order to form a sufficient total filter surface rapping force .
    How to choose dust accessories ?
    The first is dustproof, non-powered dust . Such as loading and unloading , transport belt when you add a chute , you can greatly reduce the amount of dust, soot handling ; handling bulk material should be used locally confined, that the resulting dust, soot cycle in which the kinetic energy it consumes , the dust basically natural settling down. This mechanical dust dust accessories in a foreign country is called non-powered dust, in most places are suitable for non-powered dust ; Or first pretreated using unpowered dust , prevention is always better than treatment cost-effective.
    The second is the secondary use of spray , or foam dust . Spray directly on the one hand the flue gas temperature is relatively high , the direct evaporative spray cooling can be used to achieve a small amount of water to cool the flue gas , the volume shrinkage , speed reduction is also beneficial to remove dust. Other hand, can make the dust particles after wetting , mutual bonding , cohesion, grew up in the atmosphere and it is easy to separate ; Therefore, from conservation, and energy cost reduction point of view, we must first consider the non-powered dust and direct spray dust .

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