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Sales soared reason air slide fabric

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 Air slide fabric - forced by the severe deterioration of the ecological environment situation in China for the first time to PM2.5 for assessing local government mandatory targets, while clearly mandatory one year ahead of the completion phase steel and cement during the second five backward production capacity, And more supporting policies will gradually out. 

"This government is determined to control air pollution, and now has to become intolerable, is currently the most urgent thing, although the State Council promulgated only ten initiatives, but each one requires a lot of behind implicitly supporting policies involving many government departments. "one person close to the matter said the official. 
Another unnamed official sources also mentioned that major efforts to control air pollution, will produce some short-term pains of China's economic growth will be a certain repression, because of environmental remediation costs to offset GDP. In general, the implementation of the international green GDP, than the normal 20% reduction in GDP accounting. 
China International Economic and Exchange Center Zheng Xinli, deputy chairman has mentioned, China is critical to build an eco-system. The so-called eco-system that is put on the environment, can also generate GDP and profits, but also increase employment. 
Last Friday held a State Council executive meeting discussed and passed ten air pollution control measures, an explicit proposal to reduce pollutant emissions. Comprehensive renovation of small coal-fired boilers, key industries and accelerate the transformation dust desulfurization and denitrification. Treatment of Urban dust. Improve fuel quality, the deadline for elimination yellow cars. 
Clearly strictly control high energy consumption, high pollution industries production capacity, was completed one year ahead of iron and steel, cement, electrolytic aluminum, glass and other key industry, "second five" backward capacity elimination tasks. 
This accelerated the cement industry self-introspection, to intensify environmental technology upgrades, breathable layer sales soared.

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