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Industry Filter Cloth of the measurement techniques

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Industry Filter Cloth how to measure it, look to bring you the knowledge of it.

First prepare the materials and tools measuring filter cloth, soft braided rope, tape measure.
Then let the belt filter press normal operation, the motor speed to the minimum speed. When running to the filter press filter belt metal connector appears, tethered long enough to weave the cloth of the metal connector. Let braided rope with cloth rotation operation.
Then, when the filter with braided rope with the rotation of one week, ie metal joints appears, braided rope well marked. This is a measure of the cloth around the braided rope length of the week, that is the length of the filter cloth. Finally measured the same way another filter belt length.
Be careful when measuring braided rope with cloth in the operation process, the hand holding one end of the cloth braided rope running a little bit of force, so braided rope taut, otherwise measured the length of the error is relatively large, be careful not to ignore the length of the metal joints, metal joints when measured to calculate the length of the filter belt.

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