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Monofilament filter cloth filter leak would cause what impact

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 Filter is a porous filter medium to use , liquid and solid particles trapped in the mixture of solid particles , the end of the solid , liquid parting device , the impact elements of filter filtration has many today , we want to talk a monofilament polyester filter the impact on the filter cloth .
First and foremost, we want to know is polyester monofilament filter cloth is a very important component, it is the role that is blocking the parting, but also means the end of filtration filter in order to have the necessary competence through cloth end , we can imagine , filter cloth in the work plays how important figure. That leak will filter cloth to form what damage it ?
1 , monofilament polyester fabric wear leak occurred too large , it will form a concentrate is lost, so is a very large ruined .
2 , if the leak will drop cloth vacuum, making cake moisture increased, affecting filtration .
3, the cloth will make a somewhat mine leaked fluid into the dispensing head and disk allocation , distribution head formed premature wear , affecting their life.
4 , monofilament polyester fabric leaked , some particles directly on the filter housing is formed of the impeller and wear , and perhaps pipeline centrifugal acceleration premature wear on the filter 's life is very unlucky , together will make pumps consume power is larger , over time, will form the pump weak.

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