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New ideas for urban environmental protection, non-smoking cement air slide fabric

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 Cement has been wearing pollution "hat", which emissions of dust, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, fluorides, it leaves dioxins, heavy metals and other waste has environmental killer. Every year, the local government banned a large number of cement plants, to show the importance of environmental protection. But air slide fabric"around the city to build a new cement plant is energy saving ideas." 

"The cement plant was built around the city can achieve an effective municipal waste incineration." Xu Delong said, "I invented the high solid-gas ratio of cement clinker new technology can garbage harmless treatment, 44% of the cement production, festival coal 20%, saving 15%, more than 70% of sulfur dioxide emissions, emissions of nitrogen oxides than 50%. " 
According to Xu Delong introduced, with high temperatures (up to 1450 ℃), gas-solid reaction area, atmosphere and curing of alkali metal ions and strong characteristics of cement clinker cement calcining process is a new process, calcined municipal waste can be used as cement plant fuel, to meet the requirements of low-carbon energy. 
As we all know, the traditional waste incineration technology will produce dioxin, which has "poison of the century," said the millionth or billionth of a gram of dioxin will bring serious harm to health, the International Center for Research on Cancer has listed it as a human carcinogen. Speaking of which worries, Xu Delong told reporters: "1450 ℃ high temperature to avoid the generation of dioxin when incinerated garbage, garbage treatment can be achieved." 
2011, China's cement industry resource recycling of slag, slag, fly ash and other industrial wastes about 800 million tons. Xu Delong said that this country has just started, but in European countries have been carried out with a bang. 
Xu Delong also said that according to preliminary estimates, the use of this new technology for our annual savings of at least 30 million tons of coal, saving one billion kwh, 410,000 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions, emissions of nitrogen oxides 1.18 million tons. 
The new dry process rotary kiln cement production equipment, replacing the traditional kiln production lines several times not only improve productivity, cost savings, integration of resources, but also allow people to stay away from pollution hazards, known as non-cement ! 
Cement plant in the city built around the use of waste energy can either clean it is a good proposal will soon be gradually implemented, we will wait and see!

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