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What kind of material to make it easier for industrial cleaning cloth

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 Speaking of industrial filter cloth fabric cleaning , we will start with the next cloth material, cloth material is the key :

Industrial fabric in the industry most varieties, the most widely used filter media . There textile cloth and non-woven cloth filter cloth of the points . Its constituent materials are natural fibers ( cotton, wool, silk, linen ) or synthetic fibers . Cloth filter performance depends on the material, weave fiber processing and post-processing .
Today, under the textile cloth said :
Textile cloth composed of three different types of yarns woven into : single fiber ( monofilament yarn ) , a long -fiber multifilament ( yarn length ) and a staple ( multiple strands of yarn ) . Synthetic monofilament is generally pulled to a diameter 0 16-0 32 ( some occasions even one ) of the individual filaments , woven into cloth by its smooth surface , voids simple , specific resistance is small, the least clogging , easy to clean , and best performance dumping slag , etc., but it is trapped particle diameter of the trap, precision filters should not be used .
Wide range of particle size distribution of the suspension liquid separation , the separation effect is affected. Filament multifilament yarn by twisting two or more shares of the original silk spinning made ​​it woven into cloth , good tensile strength of the particle retention performance is better than monofilament , dumping slag less performance . Staple fiber is made of natural cotton, wool or synthetic fiber short fiber strands twisted together, because of its hair-like fibers and showed good particle retention performance , sealing is also good , but the drawback is susceptible to particle pore blockage, cleaning and dumping slag poor performance .
Industrial fabric weave , there are three : the plain, twill and satin . Generally , plain industrial filter cloth compact structure , small pores , so the particle retention is good, clear filtrate high , long life, and they are cheaper . Industrial filter cloth drawback is specific resistance , easy to plug, dumping slag poor performance. Maximum pore satin weaving , specific resistance is small, easy to block , dumping slag and good performance. But particle retention capacity is low, serious wear filter , the filter effect is poor . The performance twill cloth centered , anti- friction are strong, the filtration rate is also large, the longest life expectancy , which is widely applied .

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