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Air slide fabric in a filter press of the importance of

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 Air slide fabric have a lot of cloth fabric, the type of cloth, and cloth model, butis different from the filter cloth as filter material itself is the same specifications.
Therefore, the filter objects for different requirements of different filtering accuracy,speed, etc., are performed using different known filter cloth filter bag implemented, each piece is a cloth filter plates wrapped filter objects for different acid requirements, tensile strength, filtration, filtration rate and other requirements.
Determined using the first filter cloth material, model, and then plate the size and shapematching processing cloth bag, above the cloth can be set, so that the filter cloth is in the heart, in the filter press is true.
The choice is to select the right filter cloth is very important, determines whether thefilter cloth filter accuracy.
Therefore, the use of filter press to pay attention to the choice of filter press cloth, the cloth of choice must not be careless.

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