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Powder Tank works of core components - air slide fabric

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 Air slide fabric - pink tank full cement mixer, suitable for fly ash, cement, lime powder, mineral powder , granular alkali particle diameter less than 0.1mm powder dry materials transported in bulk .

It works for the car engine's power through the power take off , drive shafts and other transmission device to the air compressor , compressed air generated by the compressor ( or an external compressed air ) into the tank , through the means of the fluidized powder material outflows arising out of the pressure difference inside and outside the tank , powder materials, together with the air discharge piping along the outside of the tank delivered to the specified location.
Internal fluidized powder tanker device is a core component of the main canvas fluidization apparatus and breathable tape streaming devices. Trailer with breathable tape streaming devices , bicycle use canvas type fluidized devices.
Powder with a gas-permeable layer mounted on the bottom of the tank in a tank , the external pressure by the compressor , gas-permeable layer is the role of the compressed air form fine , uniform air into the powder layer, and the tank body of powder and granular materials are fluidized from a solid into a fluid state , the use of tanks and external pressure from the discharge pipe discharge to the specified location .
Breathable layer PU coating with the use of single structure, enhancing the ventilation tube during transport breathability and resistance, to improve the efficiency of the compressor .

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