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Industry Filter Cloth storage method

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 Here today by the Industry Filter Cloth to give us a presentation about the Industry Filter Cloth of some information, I hope you can help, please follow Xiaobian a look at Industry Filter Cloth storage ways.

Industry Filter Cloth must be enclosed area, isolated from the air to prevent moisture absorption. Isocyanates and polyether barrel in the sun exposure should be away from heat, place in a cool dry place, if the barrel upright when placed on the lid without water. If you can not run out of material the whole barrel, the lid must be tightly closed immediately after each use to prevent moisture and impurities into the barrel and affect quality. If you use a combination of two or more grades of polyether, sub-grades should be stacked and clearly marked. Common flame retardants added polyether storage time should not be too long, must be prepared the same day that day, otherwise easily lead to bad effects of foam quality.
The company's development is inseparable from your support, if you have Industry Filter Cloth needs or confusion in this area, then please call us and we will do our best to help everyone.

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